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We believe that every legal business should have access to a payment and banking solution. In certain industries it’s still hard to find a solid and trustful party that is open to process certain products. That’s where we come in. AMSTraffic has years of experience with processing in the so called “more complicated” markets. Reach out to us and we will update you about the possibilities.


We try to keep our fees as low as possible. We are able to offer the lowest possible fees thanks to our strong position and processing volumes. (fees will depend on the type of products)


We always state. As long its legal, we are open to a conversation and possible processing. Contact us to find out about the Niche market you are in. Most likely we are able to help you.


Once approved, the setup is easy and straight forward. We have plugins available for almost all e-commerce systems with straight forward API’s for an easy and painless integration.


Offer what consumers trust and are familiar with. Each country has its own preferred payment options. AMSTraffic has access to most of the more well known local payment solutions.

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WHY AMSTraffic

A few years ago when we were setting up our very own “high risk” e-commerce store, we kept running into the same problem. No payment provider would accept us. Because we only think in solutions and not problems. We tackled this problem and established good relationships with multiple banks around the world. As time went by, we started to expand our range of products and started to also offer our solutions for niche markets to other companies. We understand the importance of taking payments and without a solid solution there is no way of doing any business online.

It’s simple, you sign up with AMSTraffic and we introduce you to our network of banks and solutions. Our fees are acceptable and on the lower side of industry standards, plugins are available and most important; we only work with banks and acquirers based in the EU and the US. This makes sure you are more protected and are able to operate your business with more piece of mind. We have been through all of the problems ourselves and are more than happy to share our newest solutions with you.

AMS Traffic Customer Support

Customer Support

Our customer support is here to help you with all your questions. Plug-in problems? Questions? Just want to talk? No problem, we are there for you!

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AMSTraffic is based in the Netherlands and is active in multiple markets around the globe. AMSTraffic was founded by Ybo Huisman, a global entrepreneur who is always looking for oppertunities.

AMS Traffic Consultancy


Why are people buying from you? What’s your USP? Where do you want to head with your business? Speak to us about our consulting and business accelerator offering. This will boost your business.

Boost your business

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Shopping carts and platforms

The last thing yout want is to be accepted by a payment provider and then have to spend hours and hours fixing API’s, wasting both money and time. For most e-commerce portals we have plugins ready to go and are here to assist you with the integration. We do the best we can to have you up and running in no time.


+ many more

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Easy sign-up

3-step registration

AMSTraffic Sign Up

Contact us by signing up. we will get back to you for an intake as soon as posible.

AMSTraffic Provide Documentation

You provide us all the documentation so we can start the application process.

AMSTraffic Start Processing

Once approved, you pick your plug-in, integrate and connect with our service. After that, you are ready to go.

Taking payments has never been so easy

Credit cards &
local solutions

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Global Payment Solutions

We understand offering securities towards consumers. That's why we offer around 180 payment methods through our network. These solutions are mainly from the EU where almost each country has its own preferred payment methods.

Which methods are availible for you depends on the type of industry you are active in. We also offer mail order / telephone order (MOTO) payments aswell as various in-store and POS options.

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